Busy Year!

Well that’s 2019 over and done with! It has been a steady year at the simulator, not our busiest but that fine, unlike some operators this is as much a hobby as a source of income. We have always been more about sharing the airline experience with the public than trying to make a profit from people curiosity.

We have met lots of new people who have left the building with big smiles on their faces and some questions answered, and that is where we differ from most of the simulators in the area. You are sitting next to a pilot and mostly someone who makes their living flying. We can show you what really happens on the flight deck of an airliner not what someone thinks happens.

We have also helped a few pilots get their first jobs as well as some very experienced pilots get new jobs after Thomas Cook went out of business. Happy landings to all of you!

We are looking forward to welcoming those of you who were lucky enough to get a flight experience voucher for Christmas and sharing the joy that you will no doubt feel when you take control of our Boeing 737 NG airliner simulator!