Why Us?

We know there are other simulators available for hire so why would you come to us?

If you are a commercial pilot needing practice before an airline sim assessment you need more than just an affordable sim, you need someone who knows what you need to know to pass and someone who has been through the same process. You need someone who can help you develop and improve to a point where you will pass the test. Ask the operators of the sim you are considering if they have flown commercially or if they have passed an assessment themselves. How much experience have they got?

If you are a flight sim enthusiast you want the most realistic simulator with dual linked controls and a cockpit that is identical to the aircraft it simulates. You might have technical questions or advice that will let you get more from your own home simulator setup. Maybe you want to fly a route with an experienced pilot who can show you what actually happens when things go wrong, or even when things just go normally, fuel checks, PLOGs, diversion planning etc.

If you are looking for a gift for someone else you want value for money. When you buy a voucher for an hour you get an hour in the sim. You also get a thorough briefing (about 20 minutes often longer) beforehand. All this helps you get value for money, we don’t rush people, we make sure everyone leaves with a smile.

The sim uses a wrap around projected world rather than computer monitors that sit a few inches from your eyes and the cockpit is the same as the actual aircraft, linked controls, adjustable rudder pedals, dual CDU’s and all the switches and lights work, they have to, this sim is used by actual pilots wanting to practice.