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We have a limited time offer to anyone who flies the virtual skies who fancies doing things properly and wants to learn the aircraft (B737) to get the most enjoyment out of your home flight simulator or be able to fly our sim solo.

Email us and we can discuss things further. You will be learning from people who fly the actual aircraft and are happy to show you how everything works.

Happy New Year!

It will be an especially happy new year for those pilots who have just landed their first jobs with various airlines and will be making their way through training ready for the chaos that is the summer season.

Don’t let your guard down though, people do get chopped and the standards are very high these days for flight crew. None of us ever stop learning and if you think you know it all you could be in the wrong job. So with that in mind we are offering a discount to those who just want to sit in a simulator and go through procedures rather than fly the sim. Get in touch and see what we can do to make you stand out of the crowd!

Where Did The Year Go?

We are into the busy time of year for us, not least because people are looking for unique gifts for friends and family and a flight in a 737 simulator is pretty unique but also because it is this time of year that airlines recruit pilots for the following season so we are getting plenty of calls from people wanting to do some practice for an upcoming simulator assessment.

We will always try to help but we are struggling sometimes to fit people in at very short notice. So why not do yourself a very big favor and book a session now, do it at your leisure rather than a last minute panic. If you are applying for jobs you have done all the hard work and most of the expense, are you willing to risk all that by failing to keep your flying skill sharp. Many people come the night before the assessment, they are stressed and worried and is shows in their flying, but its too late. Think about it. Do an hour or two now with the people who know what you need to know. Don’t leave it too late!

Keep Your Hand In!

A few years ago those in the know were saying there was going to be a pilot shortage. Those cynical types, and I include myself amongst those that doubted it, not least in my case because the loudest voices were those companies that provided training for pilots. A few of those have since gone bust, so maybe it was partly a cry for help, however I have to hold my hand up and admit I was wrong. There is definitely a shortage of pilots, for the first time that I can remember airlines have been recruiting during the summer months.

Some airlines are at long last considering taking cadets on, there are promotions on offer for those suitable to move to the Captains seat. Pilots are leaving the crappy carriers (we all know who they are) and are moving across to the better employers leaving empty seats at the bottom of the food chain.

Traditionally autumn is the time that the charter airlines recruit ready for the following summer. These invites often come at short notice and as with last year we are often busy and struggled to get people time in the simulator to brush up. So what can you do about it?

Well if you want my advice I suggest you make sure you keep a level of practice that means you are ready to to an interview and sim assessment at very short notice. Practice makes perfect after all, keep yourself current. Better to do an hour from time to time than try cramming 3 hours in the day before you are due to impress some crusty old training Captain working for the airline you want to be working for.

You know it makes sense; spend some time at our sim with experienced instructors in a relaxed learning environment.


Right now due to the pair of us being incredibly busy we are requesting that you contact us via email, that way it goes to all the instructors and there is more chance of you getting a rapid response.

Email us using . Otherwise please leave a message on the answerphone but as that is diverting to my mobile right now you may have a long wait before I get back on the ground and can call you back. Thanks for your patience! Let me know in the message if its OK if I call in the middle of the night as I drive home 😉 Kidding!

If you have a short notice simulator assessment coming up we will do our best to help you but we cant promise anything.

Flying Start!

2023 has indeed got off to a flying start with the simulator busier than normal with commercial pilots queuing up to get some practice before they head off for the all important sim assessment which forms part of the selection process.

Personally when I have been for interviews in the past I never had any practice before but there weren’t any fixed base sims around and I was already flying full time as an instructor and corporate pilot so was very current as a handling pilot.

These days though people are going for airline jobs with the bare minimum of experience so it makes sense to pour some more cash into the already big hole to ensure you are at your best.

You have plenty of options these days with fixed base sims springing up all over, some offering, on the face of it great deals. Choose wisely though, It isn’t just the sim, its the person coaching you that offers that extra value for money at Jet Simulator. Take a look at the pictures of our sim, it has 2 CDU’s, projected graphics and it is identical to the actual simulator you will do your assessment in. It is also maintained to a high standard the photos on this site are of our simulator, unlike some other sites out there. You will also be helped by someone who has flown commercially and has helped lots of pilots along the way to securing the first job.

We have also been doing this for 8 years and there are no gimmicks or BS

Christmas Sale

We are giving a £20 discount on all 1 hour bookings made during December!

We can create a personalised voucher that make a unique Christmas gift and they are valid for 12 months.

We can also do vouchers for longer sessions, send us an email and we will create a voucher and post it in time for Christmas.

Its Recruitment Time!

Winter is traditionally a time of year for charter airline recruitment which then triggers movement throughout the industry as pilots from small regional operators move about in an attempt to satisfy their career ambitions.

Due to the wave of recruitment and our reputation for getting people through the recruiting simulator assessments we are getting more and more inquiries for sim assessment practice and general raw data brush up from those folk sat on the sidelines thanks to Covid.

If you are struggling for funds and want to share the cost with a sim partner let us know in an email and we might be able to match people up to practice together.

You want value for money so check around but ask the question what experience the ‘instructors’ have of commercial flight training and what types they have flown.

To save you asking us; 30+ years of commercial flight experience, Captain on 737, flown for 3 airlines and several corporate flight departments on jets and turboprops. We have been running our sim since 2016.

You can Trust Us!

Exceptional experience !!!!!! Bought a 60minute Boeing 737 as a 70th birthday present, he was absolutely gob smacked. The best ever experience so realistic and Simon was an exceptional host who made it a very memorable experience, Thank you so much Simon you are a gem.
Best thing ever I got a surprise for my birthday and it was to come here and have a blast on the simulator and OMG it was fantastic best thing ever Simon was absolutely fantastic with me on the simulator it was fantastic and now saving up to come on again
Great Fun, Great Teacher. Absolutely loved my flight from Edinburgh to Birmingham on the hyper realistic Boeing 737 simulator. After a couple of minutes if the cockpit you really feel like you are in the real thing with the motion and sounds of the aircraft. Simon was my instructor and he was really friendly and easy going whilst guiding me through the flight. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants to try it out. You will not be disappointed.
Brilliant This was my 12 year old sons birthday present and he absolutely loved it. Simon was brilliant with him and we could all watch as he took to the sky. I think we will be visiting again soon! Thank you
Bloody brilliant! Mrs got me an hour here for an Xmas present! Have to say I was very impressed and Simon was brilliant. I was concerned that I wouldn’t feel any motion but was shocked when we got going how great it was even though no hydraulics. I have minimal flying experience but did understand the 737 instruments from previous flying sim experience it was really great! Simon was very laid back, will defo be returning for the price! Did a few rough and go landings which is what I preferred to do than just take off and land. Thanks again.
Phil R
Doncaster to Jersey! I was looking forward to my "flying" experience and was not disappointed in the slightest; Simon was friendly, knowledgeable and very,very helpful He added to the experience will his encouraging explanations and experience, so much so we came back via realistic; although I.m still waiting for my luggage to come through on the conveyor belt...........
Lindsey T
flying high what a wonderful experience the simulator was so amazing i would recommend you all go alone and try it, simon talked you though every thing. it was well worth the money,
Sarah W
Christmas Treat Only Simon there on the day but he was quick to realise my basic understanding of flying in general and conducted the initial briefing accordingly. He was very accommodating to my request to fly from UK to Spain even though real time wouldn't allow the full flight and so rebooted the simulator to give take off from UK and approach / landing in Spain. I will say that to the non-intiated there is a lot of information to take in but thanks to Simon who guided me through the experience in an understanding and friendly manner I was made to feel at ease throughout my time there.
Ben M
Great experience Brilliant way to spend some time and get an insight into flying a modern jet . The whole thing was made even more realistic by guys running the simulator.
Joseph F
WOW It was an amazing experience and the simulator was very realistic. The two guys who run it are very friendly and are both well informed.

Thanks to all those who have taken time to review their experience. We don’t ask people to review us but it it certainly means a lot when people take the time to share their thoughts.