Welcome to the Jet Simulator website!

As I write this we are currently putting the finishing touches to our brand new 737 NG fixed base simulator! This is a replacement for the one we have been operating for several years that has enabled us to gain the experience and the knowledge to build what is one of the most realistic fixed base simulators available. The final plan is obtain CAA certification to carry out commercial pilot qualifications.

Test ‘flying’ of the sim will begin towards the end of June and hopefully we should be ready to open our doors to members of the public for airline experience, familiarisation and training flights. Unlike some other simulators ours is staffed by 737 300-900 rated commercial pilots. Our aim is to provide a quality product at a fair price to both those who haven’t even seen inside an airline cockpit to pilots with thousands of hours who just want to practice procedures or maybe brush up before a command assessment or corporate entertainment.

Check back soon for more information!