Where Did The Year Go?

We are into the busy time of year for us, not least because people are looking for unique gifts for friends and family and a flight in a 737 simulator is pretty unique but also because it is this time of year that airlines recruit pilots for the following season so we are getting plenty of calls from people wanting to do some practice for an upcoming simulator assessment.

We will always try to help but we are struggling sometimes to fit people in at very short notice. So why not do yourself a very big favor and book a session now, do it at your leisure rather than a last minute panic. If you are applying for jobs you have done all the hard work and most of the expense, are you willing to risk all that by failing to keep your flying skill sharp. Many people come the night before the assessment, they are stressed and worried and is shows in their flying, but its too late. Think about it. Do an hour or two now with the people who know what you need to know. Don’t leave it too late!