Jet Sim. In The Classroom

We had a call from a good friend of ours the other day who is a captain for a UK airline with a strange request: could we do a skype video call from the simulator to a class of school children? We like a challenge and its always good to be able to help a friend out so last Tuesday at 20,000 in the hold over DSA airport we made contact with the school. The pupils and teachers were asking questions like “how long have you been flying” and “how do I become a pilot”.

I thought I had it hard as I struggled to hold the phone and keep the Captain in view whilst descending the simulator then outbound from the hold for an ILS (all sitting ‘side saddle’ I might add!) but then the questions started to get harder, for example “how do radio waves travel through the air” Hopefully the pupils couldnt see the camera shaking as I tried not to laugh as the Captain racked his brains to remember radio theory!

Anyway all went well and after a smooth landing we all said our goodbyes and hung up. I have to say it is one of the most worthwhile flights we have done so far, maybe we have inspired one or two pupils to give it a go!

Vouchers Available

We have been promised that the new gift vouchers will be with us on Tuesday so if you are looking for the perfect gift for fathers day then get in touch!


Time for some updates I think!

Having just read through the last (and only) post I made back when I set the site up I realise now that my optimism was not unlike that of a company bidding for a government IT contract. In other words its taken twice as long and a fair bit more than we thought it was going to do.

That said the our budgeting wasn’t that far out and the extra time was due to the purchase of better quality components, which once you have seen the simulator I am sure you will agree was money well spent! The extra build time was down mainly to waiting for others to deliver on time and the sheer complexity of getting part A from company Z to fit with part B from company W.

Anyhow that is all behind us now; the sim is up and running, although we are waiting for some modified parts to arrive from company ‘SJ’ these aren’t important and don’t affect how the sim works it will require about 8 hours of downtime to fit them.

The plan is now to Tidy up our office (honest Michelle!) buy some furniture for our guests (and us come to think of it) and start test flying and make any small tweaks that might be needed.

We are also working on our social media presence too so you will be able to find us on Facebook and Twitter for now and maybe more if time permits. we also have a Youtube channel that needs some better videos posting.

Welcome to the Jet Simulator website!

As I write this we are currently putting the finishing touches to our brand new 737 NG fixed base simulator! This is a replacement for the one we have been operating for several years that has enabled us to gain the experience and the knowledge to build what is one of the most realistic fixed base simulators available. The final plan is obtain CAA certification to carry out commercial pilot qualifications.

Test ‘flying’ of the sim will begin towards the end of June and hopefully we should be ready to open our doors to members of the public for airline experience, familiarisation and training flights. Unlike some other simulators ours is staffed by 737 300-900 rated commercial pilots. Our aim is to provide a quality product at a fair price to both those who haven’t even seen inside an airline cockpit to pilots with thousands of hours who just want to practice procedures or maybe brush up before a command assessment or corporate entertainment.

Check back soon for more information!