Flying Start!

2023 has indeed got off to a flying start with the simulator busier than normal with commercial pilots queuing up to get some practice before they head off for the all important sim assessment which forms part of the selection process.

Personally when I have been for interviews in the past I never had any practice before but there weren’t any fixed base sims around and I was already flying full time as an instructor and corporate pilot so was very current as a handling pilot.

These days though people are going for airline jobs with the bare minimum of experience so it makes sense to pour some more cash into the already big hole to ensure you are at your best.

You have plenty of options these days with fixed base sims springing up all over, some offering, on the face of it great deals. Choose wisely though, It isn’t just the sim, its the person coaching you that offers that extra value for money at Jet Simulator. Take a look at the pictures of our sim, it has 2 CDU’s, projected graphics and it is identical to the actual simulator you will do your assessment in. It is also maintained to a high standard the photos on this site are of our simulator, unlike some other sites out there. You will also be helped by someone who has flown commercially and has helped lots of pilots along the way to securing the first job.

We have also been doing this for 8 years and there are no gimmicks or BS