Its Recruitment Time!

Winter is traditionally a time of year for charter airline recruitment which then triggers movement throughout the industry as pilots from small regional operators move about in an attempt to satisfy their career ambitions.

Due to the wave of recruitment and our reputation for getting people through the recruiting simulator assessments we are getting more and more inquiries for sim assessment practice and general raw data brush up from those folk sat on the sidelines thanks to Covid.

If you are struggling for funds and want to share the cost with a sim partner let us know in an email and we might be able to match people up to practice together.

You want value for money so check around but ask the question what experience the ‘instructors’ have of commercial flight training and what types they have flown.

To save you asking us; 30+ years of commercial flight experience, Captain on 737, flown for 3 airlines and several corporate flight departments on jets and turboprops. We have been running our sim since 2016.