Keep Your Hand In!

A few years ago those in the know were saying there was going to be a pilot shortage. Those cynical types, and I include myself amongst those that doubted it, not least in my case because the loudest voices were those companies that provided training for pilots. A few of those have since gone bust, so maybe it was partly a cry for help, however I have to hold my hand up and admit I was wrong. There is definitely a shortage of pilots, for the first time that I can remember airlines have been recruiting during the summer months.

Some airlines are at long last considering taking cadets on, there are promotions on offer for those suitable to move to the Captains seat. Pilots are leaving the crappy carriers (we all know who they are) and are moving across to the better employers leaving empty seats at the bottom of the food chain.

Traditionally autumn is the time that the charter airlines recruit ready for the following summer. These invites often come at short notice and as with last year we are often busy and struggled to get people time in the simulator to brush up. So what can you do about it?

Well if you want my advice I suggest you make sure you keep a level of practice that means you are ready to to an interview and sim assessment at very short notice. Practice makes perfect after all, keep yourself current. Better to do an hour from time to time than try cramming 3 hours in the day before you are due to impress some crusty old training Captain working for the airline you want to be working for.

You know it makes sense; spend some time at our sim with experienced instructors in a relaxed learning environment.